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“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago." - Friedrich Nietzsche Long ago, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery conquered false claims that the Book of Mormon was fiction or that it came through a stone in a hat. But these old claims have resurfaced in recent years. To conquer them again, we have to return to what Joseph and Oliver taught.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

M2C, Anarchy, and the Church's future

We've spent the last two days in La Reunion, a nearby island that is part of France and therefore subject to President Macron's new gas tax, imposed apparently to prevent climate change (another topic for another day). You may have seen the news reports from Paris of similar protests throughout France, such as this one: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46356649.

When we were there, La Reunion was mostly shut down by protesters blocking the roads. I took these photos so you can see the large trucks and equipment blocking the freeways. The protesters wore the yellow jackets worn by police.

The protesters would let a few cars through every now and then. We had to drive slowly and carefully to negotiate the narrow passages they created through the parked trucks.

It is total anarchy. These protesters do whatever they want. They seemed to get a kick out of directing traffic as though they were the police.

On the smaller roads, the Yellow Jackets allowed their friends and family through, but everyone else had to wait until they got around to letting a car through. At one blockage, they let one car through every 4 minutes.

I took this picture when I was at the front of the line, waiting for the protester to open the gate so I could get through.

At one "blockage" I spoke with the protester in French. I asked why he was blocking me. He said he wasn't blocking me, but Macron was. It was a fascinating conversation about his perception of reality.

The blockage was so disruptive that we couldn't get to our hotel in the mountains. We ended up at an airbnb, which was fun anyway, but the entire island is basically shut down. Fortunately, the airport operated with only a few flights canceled so we were able to leave. We got to the airport early in the morning, before the "manifestations" started for the day, but we saw people hauling their luggage to and fro on foot because one of the biggest blockages was at the airport exits from the freeway.

What does this have to do with M2C*?

M2C represents anarchy in the Church.

Thanks to M2C, we have BYU and CES teachers telling students that the prophets are wrong when they disagree with the intellectuals. 

We have one of the most influential BYU professors teaching his readers in Mormon's Codex that the teachings of the prophets and apostles about the New York Cumorah are "manifestly absurd." 

And we have a Gospel Topics Essay, written by M2C intellectuals, that links specifically to that book.

It's pretty easy to understand how chaotic it is for students to have their BYU and CES teachers telling them the prophets are wrong about the New York Cumorah. When these intellectuals repudiate the consistent and persistent teachings of the prophets and apostles, we have anarchy.

On this blog, I focus on the issue of the New York Cumorah, but that's just one example. The principle of intellectuals asserting superiority over the prophets is far more widespread.

The M2C intellectuals are the Yellow Jackets of the Church.

They have appointed themselves the gatekeepers of the Book of Mormon.

They created the citation cartel to enforce their views and make sure members of the Church learn only what they, the Yellow Jackets, deem is consistent with M2C.

They claim the "dead prophets," including Oliver Cowdery, Joseph Smith, and every prophet and apostle who has ever addressed the issue, including members of the First Presidency speaking in General Conference, was wrong about the New York Cumorah,

They claim the living prophets have hired them, the Yellow Jackets, to guide the Church.

They created Book of Mormon Central Censor as a repository and resource for all things M2C.

BYU Fantasy map that teaches students
 the prophets and apostles are wrong
about the New York Cumorah
(Lately some have taken exception to my observations here, but you can see this for yourself. I'm not naming any individuals; this is a question of what people are teaching. You can try it yourself. Ask a BYU or CES teacher about the New York Cumorah. He or she will tell you the prophets were wrong. Otherwise, they wouldn't use the fantasy map. Look at BYU Studies, FairlyMormon, the Interpreter, Book of Mormon Central Censor, or any of the other members of the M2C citation cartel. They all say the prophets were wrong. They have to. Otherwise, they'd have to accept the New York Cumorah instead of M2C.)

I think the Yellow Jackets of the Church--the M2C enforcers and their followers, including the censors at Book of Mormon Central Censor--are blocking the progress of the Church just as much as these protesters blocked the roads in La Reunion (and France).

We'll look at specific examples in upcoming posts.

*M2C is the acronym for the Mesoamerican/two-Cumorahs theory that teaches the prophets were wrong about the New York Cumorah. Instead, according to M2C, the "real" Cumorah of Mormon 6:6 is somewhere in Southern Mexico. If you read their work, they tell each other that Cumorah is really a mountain, not a hill, and it's on the east coast of southern Mexico near the "hourglass" shape of the "narrow neck." This is how they portray it on the fantasy maps, too.

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