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“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago." - Friedrich Nietzsche. Long ago, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery conquered false claims that the Book of Mormon was fiction or that it came through a stone in a hat. But these old claims have resurfaced in recent years. To conquer them again, we have to return to what Joseph and Oliver taught.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cumorah - 6, Education

I'm shortening the title of this series for clarity.

Although we know that facts and logic can't overcome confirmation bias in most cases, I think Cumorah is an exception for most members of the Church.

The M2C intellectuals at BYU/CES/Church history are lost causes at this point. They know about Letter VII and its context, but they have brainwashed themselves into sincerely believing that all the prophets who have spoken about Cumorah were wrong. No facts or logic can change their minds.

But most members of the Church have been lulled into accepting M2C (Mesoamerica/two-Cumorahs) out of (i) trust in the intellectuals and (ii) ignorance about what the prophets have taught.

I used to joke that the New York Cumorah was the last secret in Church history, but now it's not a joke. It has become a reality due to the deliberate actions of BYU/CES/Church History department. All references to the New York Cumorah are being systematically removed from Church materials and are being replaced by M2C everywhere.

I just returned from a trip to upstate New York, including the Palmyra area. I can report that the M2C intellectuals have successfully censored President Cowdery's letters almost completely.

Here's one of the most appalling sights I've seen in a while. This is the High Council room in the Palmyra stake center (we had Priesthood meeting here).

This is the stake center across the street from the Palmyra temple.

Remember, this is just a few miles from the Hill Cumorah.

Below is a close up of the white board and the artwork.

Palmyra Stake Center showing Cumorah is
not in New York!
You can see that there was a lesson summarized by "Teachings of Church Leaders."

Then, right next to that, is the fantasy map from the Institute manual!

This is the map that rejects what all the prophets and apostles have said about the Hill Cumorah being in New York.

Close-up of Institute fantasy map showing
Cumorah is anywhere except in New York
This white board is an incredible juxtaposition of lesson concepts. True, BYU students are all taught this same principle, but to see it on display at the Cumorah stake center was stunning.

M2C is so powerful and pervasive that whomever taught this lesson didn't recognize the deep irony of teaching people (presumably youth) to heed the teachings of Church leaders about everything except when they, the Church leaders, don't agree with the BYU/CES intellectuals.

I blogged about this Institute fantasy map here:

"Jesus Christ Visits the Americas" in the both foyers
of the Palmyra Stake Center
It is bad enough that members of the Church who live near Cumorah in New York are being taught that the "real" Cumorah is in a fantasy land, but they and the thousands of visitors to the area are also being taught M2C blatantly and openly.

Both foyers of the Palmyra Stake center feature the tragic painting of Christ visiting Central America with Chichen Itza in the background.

"Jesus Christ Visits the Americas" in the high council room
of the Palmyra Stake Center
This is the painting that is officially named "Jesus Christ Visits the Americas" but is labeled "Jesus-Nephites" on lds.org, which you can see in the url: https://www.lds.org/media-library/images/jesus-nephites-859163?lang=eng

This painting is tragic in several respects, as I've discussed before, but because it establishes M2C in the minds of the Saints (and nonmembers), it is ubiquitous.

It is the only painting in the Palmyra Stake Center that is on display in three places.

It is on display in all of the Visitors Centers in the Palmyra/Fayette area.

M2C painting in Grandin Print shop
The Cumorah Visitors Center, built right at the base of the Hill Cumorah, teaches visitors that the "real" Cumorah is somewhere in southern Mexico.

It depicts exclusively Mesoamerican artwork for the setting of the Book of Mormon. The visitors center shows Moroni burying the Liahona and the sword of Laban in the stone box, a NEWSPEAK version of actual Church history.

Thanks to the M2C intellectuals and their followers who work for BYU/CES/Church History department, members of the Church (and visitors and investigators) are not being told what the prophets have taught about Cumorah.

The New York Cumorah is on its way to becoming the best-kept secret in Church history.

Obviously, I think this is a mistake because the only ones who are fooled by M2C are those who either (i) don't have access to the Internet or (ii) don't study for themselves.

Joseph Smith made sure his contemporaries knew about the New York Cumorah by making Letter VII available as much as he could. His successors wanted to make sure this knowledge was never lost by writing about it and speaking about it in General Conference.

Today's M2C intellectuals don't want anyone to even know about Letter VII. They are doing a great job suppressing knowledge about Letter VII and censoring sources that refer to, allude to, or even simply corroborate what President Cowdery taught about the New York Cumorah.

But their efforts are counterproductive, as we'll be seeing in the next few weeks.


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