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“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago." - Friedrich Nietzsche. Long ago, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery conquered false claims that the Book of Mormon was fiction or that it came through a stone in a hat. But these old claims have resurfaced in recent years. To conquer them again, we have to return to what Joseph and Oliver taught.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Come Follow Me reminder

It seems like everyone is doing Come Follow Me podcasts, blogs, articles, etc. I've watched a few, and they're pretty generic. I'd just stick with the lesson manual.

However, I noticed a gap in coverage, so I've been making notes for those interested, here:


The main page is www.comefollowme2021.org.

On that page, on the left, there are links to our podcast, as well as some special topics pages. If you subscribe, you'll get updates regularly.

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